three important advantages of image guided surgery for dental implants

Increased Accuracy
And Safety

3D guided dental implant surgery offers a higher level of precision in implant placement than is possible in traditional implant surgeries. Greater precision conveys several important advantages to patients, including safer procedures, since surgeons are able to see the exact position of critical structures like bones, nerves, adjacent tooth roots and sinus cavities, reducing complication risks. Other distinct advantages of that higher level of precision include more predictable results from surgeries, with higher rates of dental implant success and better aesthetic outcomes. These advantages are realized in all such surgeries, but are particularly pronounced in more complex cases – where bone quality or quantity is an issue, for instance, or when doctors must work in tight spaces.

Faster, More Comfortable Procedures

With the use of 3D guided surgical techniques, Chen Dental's doctors are able to place dental implants with less invasive procedures than are used in traditional implant surgeries, making smaller incisions and even, in some cases, no incisions at all. This means that procedures are more comfortable for patients and quicker, taking significantly less time to complete.

Quicker, Easier Recoveries

The more precise, less invasive dental implant placement procedures made possible by 3D guided surgery mean less pain, swelling, bruising and discomfort after surgery for patients, and smaller incisions mean faster healing. These factors help provide patients with shorter and more comfortable recovery times after surgery has been completed.

While these may be the top three advantages there are many others. Ask the professionals at Chen Dental if 3D Guided Dental Implants could be right for you.